Ekzarho Eco Farm

Ekzarho Eco Farm in Sochi

Ekzarho  Eco Farm

16 years ago, Inga Ekzarho left Moscow and arrived with her husband in Sochi. First they opened on the waterfront restaurant "East quarter", and then the farm, which began to supply it with fresh organic products. And gradually what seemed to most people eccentricity, developed into a powerful gastronomic trend.

Inga is a mother of three. And at first the decision to grow organic vegetables-fruits, to breed goats, to keep cows was made for one reason — to feed the family with high-quality natural food. And then came the idea that all this can be successfully offered in your restaurant…

Farm ekzarho was built in the village of Progress (district of Matsesta) after the 2014 Olympics. Now "Farm ekzarho" and horse riding, and a young orchard, and organic vegetables grown in greenhouses, and goat cheese and milk. Soon, right on the farm will also have its own restaurant, which will serve dishes prepared exclusively from their products.

Today, the fact that now you can find interesting things on the farm, why you should go there, even if you have not yet become a fan of healthy life style.

The first thing that catches the eye is a huge beautiful dressage arena and a stable with massive wooden doors. On the arena just prancing on a horse the mistress of the farm.

"We have horse riding training for adults and children, this is one of our services. You can take a one – time lesson, and you can take a subscription. The subscription is much more profitable: the more classes are paid, the cheaper the cost of one class. As you know, equestrian sport is an expensive sport. This is one of the types of fitness and sports that allows you to physically properly loaded in the fresh air. And it is very valuable!"

For horses, there are perfect conditions. Ironically, riding club Inga ekzarho "Constellation Sochi" began with the rescue of the horse — people called her and asked to pick up their animals. For various reasons: someone gave the land for the debt and the horse had nowhere to go but to take to the slaughter; someone overestimated their capabilities; some horses need to be rescued from abuse.

Now there are more than 30 horses in the stables. There are also very expensive copies. This Arabian steed, for instance, does not attract my attention at the moment. But when he put on specifically for the shoot, a beautiful blanket, harness and other attributes, it becomes not to know — rock feel!

Once in Sochi, the main vehicle was the Buffalo, which are harnessed to carts, and horses on which to ride. And although these times have already forgotten, the club has horseback riding in the mountains, which can bring you back to those historical times. And the real beauty of this region is better to explore on horseback.We have many different routes. One of them is on the Eagle rocks, from there an incomparable view of the mountain gorge from a bird's eye view and the statue of Prometheus. We have seven official routes to the mountains of the National Park. All routes are agreed, each route has a special passport. Groups from two to several riders and necessarily two accompanying instructor-guiding and closing.  The duration of the tour is from 1 hour to four to five hours, depending on the preparedness of the riders and their desire. The trip will be a compulsory briefing issued helmet with an individual liner. Guests get acquainted with their horses and make a few trial independent laps on the horse in the arena. After all the preparations you can go to the mountains.

Even if you are not sure that you want to go on such a riding tour, a visit to the equestrian club "Constellation Sochi" will not leave you indifferent. "Which breed is the fastest in the world?", "Do horses have bad habits?", "What is the difference from dressage?"- answers to these and other questions will be given to you by experienced specialists, will acquaint with different breeds of horses and will allow to make a photo for memory.

Now the main herd of goats (and their farm 130 heads) grazing in the mountains. The shepherd leaves in the morning, returns to lunch, after lunch and rest goes with the herd back to the mountains. In summer we milk goats three times a day, in the off – season and in winter – twice-morning and evening. In the paddock (pictured) there were only those who need some special care.

For tourists on the farm there are such "attractions" with goats: feeding goats milk from a bottle, feeding goats provided dry food. Ironing and photographing are also allowed

And of course-tasting! To visit the "Farm ekzarho" and not to try her products is simply impossible! Tastings of farm products are held in a beautiful gazebo with panoramic views of the mountains and the sea. Only discuss about tasting cheeses during your visit to the farm in advance - that you left the necessary amount (remember, the main point of sale-a restaurant in Sochi).

What gives such a trip
You can long explain to people about the benefits of a healthy diet and how to change the resident of the metropolis, when he inhaling the clean mountain air, enjoying the beauty of the local nature and tasting organic products... but it is better to give them a feel!

According to the farm workers themselves ( and they live on the farm about 10 people, but with incoming workers, this figure will be more), with a competent approach, the farm should bring money. In France, at the end of the 19th century thought about how to develop the countryside, to enable the village to earn money and attract citizens to the village. Invented – developed farm in the locks, have created a huge network of private rural hotels.

And now they're reaping the rewards. On the one hand, the villagers have the opportunity to earn, and the citizens, on the other hand, they have provided a unique opportunity to go out of town, eat delicious food and relax in beautiful places. Everyone is happy.

To be honest, I was happy, too. On the example farm ekzarho I am convinced that among us becomes more and more people who choose healthy food and prefer a life in harmony with nature. The problem with modern citizens is that people live all the time in concrete boxes, drive around the city in iron boxes, look at the blue screens of electric boxes... and grow all sorts of psychological problems. And extra pounds, because so many people are used to overeat.

"It is better to buy less, but a quality product. And accustom yourself to eat to live, not live to eat", which is a summary of Inga ekzarho. And looking at it, you will definitely start to get into this idea.