Russian nature

Russian nature - what makes it so beautiful

Russian nature

Russian nature is so beautiful and awe-inspiring that is counts (for some people) as the sole reason to visit Russia. What makes it so beautiful and what can you do here?

Russian nature, with its immense variety of landscapes, climates and natural sighs seems to be created for tourists – extreme tourists or nature tourists. Forests, tundra, steppes, volcanoes, rivers, lakes and waterfalls, mountains and parks – you can find almost everything here. Both nature and extreme tourism are widely beloved by many Russian people, who spend their weekend time on the nature. For some of us it is a tradition – some place of spiritual power, a place to feel as if you are part of the nature itself.

You can find tourism and camping clubs in almost any city. There will always be guides and professionals to make your trip to the wilds both safe and enjoyable. Do not underestimate the power of the nature – even if you are not going for rafting, extreme tourism, bike crossing or mountaineering – you still need to remember the safety rules to enjoy Russian nature to its fullest. For people, who would like a more comfortable and relaxing trip to the nature – you can visit various spiritual “retreat - centers”, various ecofarms. Go on a fishing trip or enjoy a day diving, riding a horse or sunbathing!

Why is it so popular? Well, first of all – I have not listed even a quarter of all possible activities, two – it is easy for us to organize a trip like this, so you can see all the places, untouched by the human civilization – so you can reboot from the noisy city life with its endless chores – we all need this from time to time.

In many regions of Russia, several areas of nature tourism are developed at once – with care for both the nature and tourists. The Altai Mountains, inscribed on the UNESCO World Heritage List, attract climbers, trekkers, rafters, horse riders and speleotourists. Fishermen and water lovers are attracted by the legendary Baikal, the lakes of Karelia or the somewhat more accessible Seliger. In southern Russia, you can go paragliding or conquer the Caucasus Mountains. For those who want the "northern extreme" - the beauty of the Kola Peninsula or even more inaccessible Spitsbergen or “Novaya Zemlya”. Any hikes are divided into 6 categories of difficulty, so it is better for beginners not to overestimate their strength.

For those who like quieter tourism or for families with children, jeep tours, river rafting without difficult rapids or relaxing on the lakes are best suited. Fans of real extreme sports will undoubtedly appreciate the hellishly beautiful (that's right!) Valley of Geysers in Kamchatka or the opportunity to sail on an icebreaker to the North Pole. However, it is not necessary to travel so far: turbulent mountain rivers and great peaks await their conquerors in any corner of the country.

So, that is it for our short look at Russian nature and activities that you can have. How do you plan to spend your summer?