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Packing tips

Packing tips

Packing tips/Russian Weather


Moscow has a continental climate, cold, long winters (November to March) and hot summers (June to August). In mid-summer, during July and August, temperatures are pleasantly warm.  In summer temperatures average between 12°C and 26°C, and in winter temperatures average between -11°C and -4°C. Winter snows start in October/November and the snow blanket persists well into late March.

The best time for coming is from April to October, however winter season is also expremely nice if you bring the right clothes with you.


If you would like to spend a good time in Moscow from early November to late March, please read  our recommendations regarding your wardrobe to Russia:

  1. Take ski pants (Do not laugh... some of them are quite elegant, just take black colour pants without any stripes. We saw plenty of Europeans jumping on a cold trying to warm up, I always feel sorry for them. There is no bad weather, there are bad clothes)


  1. Warm hat, gloves and scarf





  1. Warm jacket with a hoover



  1. Warm pullover



  1. Waterproof boots (Moscow streets are covered by a chemical salt to fight with ice and even when it is very cold there is a snow slush everywhere. Artificial salt destroys shoes dramatically, for this reason Russians always wash them after they come home).





  1. Take smart clothes and shoes for the theatre, restaurant (Russian tradition is to dress up when they are out! This suggestion is just for those who would like to fit in, nothing personal.)



If you follow the advice, you would cheat Russian frost and will definitely enjoy your time. Remember, early Novermber and late March could also be very cold and it is better to bring more warm clothes, you always can unzip your coat…