Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars

Restaurants and bars

Russia is a multinational country with the Soviet heritage and Russian people are very lucky to have a Soviet food heritage: Russian, Ukrainian, Georgian, Azerbaijanian, Uzbek cousines! They are all very different from each other and you should definitely try it all!!!

Food and drink


Russian Cuisine:

Restaurant Dr. Zhivago:

Restaurant Pushkin:

Restaurant Mari Vanna:

Restaurant Durdin:

Restaurant Dacha Na Pokrovke:

The White Rabbit restaurant:




Ukrainian Cuisine

Restaurant TarasBulba:

Restaurant Shinok:


Georgian Cuisine:

Restaurant Genatsvale:

Restaurant Elardgy:

Restaurant Darbazi:

Restaurant Prianosti I radosti:


Azerbaijani Cuisine:

Restaurant Barashka (na Petrovke, Na Arbate)

Restaurant Sim-Sim:


Uzbek Cuisine:

Restaurant Chaihona N 1:

Restaurant Uzbekistan:


Mumiy Troll bar:

Bar Barbados:

Bar Denis Simachev:

Bar Cherdak:

Bar Kalina:

Bar Zhiguli:

Bar Kamchatka:

Strelka Bar:


Cafe in the evening is a traditional meeting point of young people. And in the daytime the main visitors of cafes are office people who order business lunches. Both network cafes that are similar in appearance and the original racy outlets are presented in Moscow. As a general rule strong drinks are not served in cafes, yet sometimes after 11 p.m. a cafe may be converted into a noisy bar with a dance floor.

Café Чайковский

Café Fresh:

Café Ogni:

Café Dantes:

Café Soup:

Restaurant Vatrushka:

Café Mu-Mu:

Café Grabli:

Café Elki Palki:

Cafe Stolovaya 57:

Varenichnaya N1:

It's always pleasant to discover something enticing on a street you've passed 100 times before. Created in the style of a typical Soviet flat, Varenichnaya is a retro café that immediately transports you to a past which many Russians still remember. It's filled with items from that era and even the waiters wear old school uniforms.