Transport in Moscow

Moscow is a huge megalopolis with a diversified system of public transport

Transport in Moscow

How to get to Moscow city from the airport?

Moscow hub has three contemporary international airports: Sheremetyevo, Vnukovo and Domodedovo. All of them were recently renovated, so now you are able to experience highest-class services, starting from the very beginning of your visit to Moscow.
All airports have perfect transport connection including trains, buses, shuttles, taxi and car rent services.


Most reliable and cheap solution is to use a train "AeroExpess". Depending on the airport, AeroExpress trains arrive to either Belorussky, Kievsky or Paveletsky railway stations, which are located in the very center of Moscow. Taking into account heavy traffic in Moscow, only train can guarantee a fixed time of arrival. For more info about schedule and tariffs of AeroExpress please see a link

Bus / Shuttle 

Bus and shuttle is the cheapest way of a transfer but it has some cons. Due to permanent traffic jams, it is hard to plan the arrival time. Bus or shuttle will bring you to a nearest metro station, which is far away from a city center.


TAXI, is for sure, the most comfortable option for a transfer from an airport to the city.  Tarrifs are affordable for most of tourists. What you need to remember, is that you should use only offical taxi. In order to take an offical taxi, you need to come to any of TAXI service desks, which are normally located already in baggage claim lounges. Offical taxi accepts bankcards and offer fixed price tariffs, which is rather convinient.

Car Rent services

In all Moscow airports, you can rent a car from HERTZ, SIXT or any other service providers. However, if you really want to enjoy your stay in Moscow, we would never recommend this option. Traffic is almost always very heavy; problems with finding a parking place and road signs written in cyrilic alphabet doesn not make driving in Moscow such an easy task.

How to travel in Moscow city?

The Moscow Metro

Metro is the most reliable and fastest public transport in Moscow. It opens at 5:30 a.m and closes at 1:00 a.m. Moscow metro system is well developped, it has more than 200 stations on 13 lines. It is the best way to travel from one part of the city to anohter.

All navigation signs are in Cyrilic, only some stations have signs written in Latin letters. However, it is very easy to understand which direction you go to the center or opposite, even if you do not know a single Russian word. In Moscow Metro, a male voice announces stations when going towards the center and clockwise direction on circle line, whereas female voice announces when going from the center and counter-clockwise.

In all trains free Wi-Fi is avaliable, you just need to register. In all metro vagons and in metro station halls you can see a metro map.

All statioins are equipped with an automatic ticket machines and cash desk. Since a while, you are able to buy tickets using your bankcard. Please be aware that metro ticket also can be used on all other public transport like bus, shutttle, tram, trolley bus.