Suzdal city, Masterpiece of the Russian Wooden Art


Suzdal- Must See destination for tourists:

1.9th of August 1917 Suzdal celebrates its 993th date of birth.


2. Suzdal size is only 15 square kilometers and a little bit over 10 thousand of population. At the same time there is 53 Cathedrals in the city.                                                              

3.Suzdal is called a city museum. There are 5 Monasteries and 1 Kremlin. Church domes are seen everywhere from any spot of the city.

4. Suzdal used to have a tradition to build 2 churches close to each other, one was used during a winter time, the second one- during a summer time.

5. Savior Euthymius Monastery is 600 year’s old and it is still active.

6. Each second Saturday of July, Suzdal celebrates the Day of Cucumber, there is even a monument to this vegetable. This day people go outside and enjoy a very interesting programme organized by the City Hall: performances of the enormous amount of folklore bands, different games,  Ancient craft fairs, tasting different kind of dishes from cucumber.

7. As for the industrial enterprises, only one factory works here, it produces a Honey alcohol drink called Medovuha. It is sold and tasted everywhere in the city, tourists buy it as a present from Suzdal. Everyone in the city is involved into the travel industry.

8. There is no high buildings in Suzdal, only 2- storey houses.

9. Suzdal Holiday Maslenniza is known not only in Russia, but also abroad, the celebration is saturated by pure national Russian customs and traditions.

10. Wooden Art Museum is the best in the Central part of Russia and is made by the only one tool- the axe.  


10. One of the main entertainment of Suzdal citizens and guests is the Russian sauna. There are plenty of them in the city, the best Russian ancient sauna SPA is called BANYA


11. There is no railway station in Suzdal, you can get here only from Vladimir railway station.


Once you visit Russia, after our Moscow tours, Suzdal is the best destination to visit. It is an Ancient jewelry box full of history, legends and hospitality. It takes about 4 hours to get here by car and even less by train. We definitely recommend to visit Suzdal !!!!