Tatar Cuisine

Culinary tradition Tatar cuisine evolved more than one century. Preserving its identity, much in the kitchen changed: it was improved, enriched with new knowledge and products, which the Tatars learned from neighbors.

Tatar Cuisine

Traditional dish


Many tourists coming to the capital of Tatarstan are interested in what each traveler should try in Kazan. Special attention in this case should be paid to traditional cuisine, which in its true form can not be appreciated in any other city in the world.

To feel the real gastronomic satisfaction and feel the whole history of Tatarstan cuisine, you need to try these dishes:

Tokmach is a special noodle soup, which is prepared on the basis of chicken or beef broth. Vegetables, roots and sometimes even milk are added to the soup. Often this dish is used as an aperitif to baked food.

Beshbarmak is an ancient food, which was prepared long ago, the nomads, and now, husbands and sons beloved women. The main ingredient of the dish is beef, all components are prepared separately, and combined for a couple of minutes before absorption. And most importantly — there is a need beshbarmak hands.

Beshbarmak — old dish of nomads

Tatar cuisine, whose recipes are imbued with national flavor, is considered one of the most delicious in the world. Once upon a time, The great silk road, which connected the East with the West, passed through this territory. Tatar recipes from ancient times absorbed the notes of culinary traditions of different countries. The diet of the Tartars, you can find Bulgarian fermented milk product sour cream, Uzbek pilaf, Siberian dumplings and Tajik baklava.

Tatars are very hospitable and hospitable people. When a guest comes to the house, the best Tatar dishes are put on the table, the recipes of which are never kept secret and are generously distributed to everyone. What can you see on the Tatar table? There is sure to be rich soup shurpa with lamb noodle soup, tarmac, dumplings with peas and hemp seeds, ASE with lamb, potatoes and pickles, beef intestine tutima with liver and rice, and horse meat sausage. Delicious Tatar pastry — cakes kystybyi with mashed potatoes, meat pies echpochmak, belyashi, pasties and peremeci.

Desserts Tatar cuisine has long become a legend. Be sure to cook chak-chak — fried pieces of dough in honey syrup, donuts baursak, twigs, halva and honey gingerbread kalapos. In this section Tatar recipes with photos and step-by-step description are published, which will diversify your menu with new gastronomic impressions. Cook more often and make life tastier!

Tatar cuisine is known all over the world for baking, which can serve fast food, and help out very much if you need to eat quickly and cheaply on a walk:

Belyash is a dish known to almost everyone. It is prepared in boiling oil and is considered very fat. As a filling can be meat, fish, potatoes and so on.

Echpochmak-a special pie in the shape of a triangle, which is prepared from yeast dough with meat filling, potatoes and onions. Very little oil.

Kustiba — old dish of fried tortillas with potatoes.

Chak-chak-sweetness of honey and balls of dough. It has a long shelf life, because it is boldly allowed to take in the form of a souvenir or gift to loved ones.

Gubadiya pie with sweet filling made of rice, raisins and cheese. Unusual taste of the dish, but very revered by the locals.

Interesting! Of alcohol traditional Tatar people should obratiti alcoholic drink called Buza. It is made on the basis of fermented millet or corn.

Tasty meal in Kazan can be in an expensive restaurant, and in a small cozy dining room. The city is filled with interesting institutions of a thematic nature. Any tourist, even with a limited budget, will be able not only to have a hearty and tasty lunch or dinner in Kazan, but also to feel the whole flavor and culture of Tatarstan.