FIFA preparations

How does Russia prepares for FIFA?

FIFA preparations


There is is no secret that FIFA is an event of a great magnitude. This year it will be held in Russia. Thus, Russian people are keen on meeting a lot of Football fans visiting Russia this year. When the winner country is announced, a flock of fans, usually millions of people, travel to this country and book the accomodations. For such a big wave of tourists cities must be ready for receiving guests. New security measures, new algorithms of public transport, a lot of work to do before the FIFA event. Travelling to Russia certainly becomes harder during FIFA dates.

How does Russia prepare itself for such events? The biggest changes are made in security and tourist zones. Everyone knows that football fans are divided in two categories: people who love football, and people who love fights. During the FIFA period, security measures will be tighten: some roads and streets will be blocked, much more police will be working on the streets. Ambulance service will work all this time. Sometimes, even military will be on the streets, to help police. With ever-growing terrorism problem, every visitor will be double checked. Government watches over social network for any warnings or false alarms about terrorism or provocations. All those measures are made in order to make this trip to Moscow safe for tourists.

As for peaceful spectators and football stars, Russia prepares many little gift shops, special public transport rules and special discounts in certain areas. People will be able to travel free on public transport, if they are FIFA visitors. Some of the football players have already arrived or booked hotels for their special training. Since football is a kind of a subculture, a lot of thematic shops and events are opened. And the question “what to visit in Moscow” will be solved by enormous amount of guide books and information brochures, Internet resources related to Russia.

Our country will be happy to meet and show its hospitality to all people of this planet who would like to visit the FIFA games 2018. We would do our best to show professionalism of all city services and to make the Russian journey maximum comfortable and nice. Football is an ancient game and in the world full of diplomatic tensions and political problems in the relationship between countries, FIFA games is the source which unites people, it opens people’s mind. People come over and explore the country a happy way and hopefully all the fans will leave our country only with the best impressions and memories, with a lot of new friends and positive emotions.