International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day, observed on March 8th, celebrates women and their inner and outer beauty

   International Women’s Day

Bernard Zalevskiy, special to "Visit Moscow Tours"

   International Women’s Day, observed on March 8th, celebrates women and their inner and outer beauty. More accurately, it celebrates and commemorates the beautiful sentiments that women bring to our lives with their beauty, grace and kindness.   

   The story of this holiday is a very modern one, with its history dating back to 1909 in the world, and 1917 in Soviet Union. In 1917, the protest of the women textile workers of Russia marked the beginning of the Russian Revolution. Until 1975, March 8th was celebrated by socialist movements and communists around the world. In 1975, thanks to Luise Zeitz and Clara Zetkin, it was selected by the United Nations to become the worldwide International Women’s Day. It started with the core idea of gender equality - equal rights for men and women. However, nowadays, in Russia, its protest origins are somewhat forgotten and this holiday is celebrated not for women’s struggle , but to commemorate the beauty of women, both inner and outer, their gentle and beautiful nature, and their compassion, calmness and care.  

   Since this day is about women, so are its traditions. While there are no universal traditions, there are always some common rituals. People show affection to their beloved women, give them care, and make them feel special by presenting them with gifts. A common list of gifts includes perfumes, visits to restaurants, dresses, candies, and most often, flowers. Flowers are especially important because they convey love. This language of blossoms is quickly becoming a March 8th tradition. The color of the flowers, their lack or abundance of spikes, the posture of the giver and so on all convey some meaning. It may sound surprising, but this tradition is alive and well, especially in Europe and Russia, where the beauty and enigma of the flowers are associated with women.

   The old saying goes “Beauty will save the world.” Just like most other holidays, International Women’s Day celebrates beauty and the cheerfulness. Small celebrations make our world a better place to live in. Don’t forget to cherish the women in your life and let them blossom like the beautiful flowers they are.