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Food tour
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Food tour

  1. Our first food destination will be a Ukrainian restaurant where we will sample dishes from Russian and Ukrainian cuisine:

A set of appetizers (a lot of different tastes from traditional Russian/Soviet salads and starters):

  • Salad Olivye (carrots, eggs, chicken, onions, pickled gherkins, onions, potatos and mayonnaise)
  • Salad Vinaigrette (beet-root, carrots, onions, potatos, sunflower oil and pickled gherkins)
  • Cabbage Salad (pickled cabbage, carrots, onions, no vinegar!)
  • Holodez (beef in a bouillon served cold with garlic and spices)
  • Fresh bread with garlic and minced bacon (Ukrainian dish)
  • Traditional fresh Russian salad with radishes, eggs, cucumber and mayonnaise or sour cream


  • Choice of: Borscht Soup – vegetarian (beet-root, carrots, potatoes, spices, garlic and fresh herbs served with sour cream) OR Shi soup with sorrel (sorrel herb, chicken, potatoes, garlic, spices, served with sour cream)
  • Pelmeni (pork/beef)- Russian dumplings


  • Choice of: Kvas (non-alcoholic drink made of rye- bread, served cold) or Tea with lemon (Russian style, served hot)
  • Vodka with cranberry or horse-radish
  1. Grocery Store Eliseevsky: In 1901, Moscow merchant Grigory Eliseev opened the luxurious Eliseevsky store at the intersection of Tverskaya Street and Kozitsky lane. The grocery store was housed in a historical building from the 18th century. The grocery store became famous because for its rich interior in neo-baroque style and because of its exotic goods and wines

           The store is loved both by Moscow residents and guests of the city. It is a proper supermarket, and it is a unique treat to know that we can run our mundane errands in such a beautiful place. 


  1. Georgian restaurant:

Chachapuri Imeritian style (flat bread with cheese)

Aubergines with walnuts

Hinkali (large dumplings with mushrooms, salmon, lamb and Georgian local herbs with sauces

Choice of: Tea with traditional Georgian herbs or Tarhun (Lemonade with tarragon, highly recommended)


  1. Next destination - a farmer’s market.

We will visit a big farmer’s market with a variety of small cafes and tiny shops where Russian farmers present and sell their fresh produce.

We will sample Russian traditional desserts: syrniki (pancakes made from cheese and served with nice home-made jam) or just traditional Russian pancakes with jam or sour cream. It will be served with black tea with thyme.

You will also have a variety of Russian candies to try : Russian dark chocolate, zephyr, toffees  called KOROVKA,  Russian halva and other  enchanting Russian desserts.


During your tour, your guide will recount the history of Russia and Moscow, the recipes of the food you sampled, our traditions and lifestyles, our Communist past, and our holidays and celebrations. It is a very warm, interesting and authentic tour, giving you a well-rounded view of Russian life.


Meeting Time: any time from 9.00 a.m. to 4.00 p.m.

Duration: 4 hours

Price: from 59 dollars per person

Meeting point: Lobby of your hotel

Reservation: required (no prepayment)

Short description

The Food Tour by Visit Moscow Tours is a perfect chance to sample all the variety of cuisines of the former Soviet Republics and to understand the Russian customs, traditions and ways of life. You will taste Russian, Ukrainian and Georgian food.
Meeting time:
from 9 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Meeting point:
Zhukov Monument
Duration time:
4,5 hours
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Food tour
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